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Journal Publications


M. Miller, X. Yang and E. Tziperman, Reconciling the observed mid-depth exponential ocean stratification with weak interior mixing and southern ocean dynamics via boundary-intensified mixing, European Physical Journal Plus, 135 (375) (2020), 1-15. 

X. Yang, E. Tziperman, K. Speer, Dynamics of Deep Ocean Eastern Boundary Currents, Geophysical Research Letters 47 (1) (2020) e2019GL085396.
X. Yang, E. Tziperman, K. Speer,  Deep Eastern Boundary Currents: Realistic Simulations and Vorticity Budgets, Journal of Physical Oceanography 50 (11) (2020) 3077-3094.

X. Yang,  E. Tziperman, K. Speer, Deep Eastern Boundary Currents: Idealized Models and Dynamics, Journal of Physical Oceanography (2021).

X. Yang and E. Tziperman, South Atlantic Deep Eastern Boundary Current Driven by Agulhas Rings: an Idealized Study, Ocean Modelling.

X. Yang and E. Tziperman, 
Mid-depth Ocean Stratification: Southern Ocean eddies vs interior vertical diffusivity, in prep.

X. Yang, E. Tziperman and K. Speer, Dynamics Deep Ocean Eastern Boundary Currents: idealized global simulations, in prep.
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